Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Post May 24th

Ah, another May 24th come and gone. Same old, same old for us. Out home to Aspen Cove and Ladle Cove, shuffling our son back and forth with the futile hope that each set of grandparents will get equal time with him. The weather sucked but isn't that what May 24th is all about? Drank a bit, chatted a bit, hung out a lot. Slept in (thanks Mom and Dad for getting up with the boy).

The drive in and out is what's the killer, especially with a panting, drooling dog and a two year old boy . Our son is amazingly patient on the four plus hour drive but eventually I know we will succumb to sanity and get a DVD player for the car to entertain him. Something tells me that I shouldn't because we didn't have them and my parents trekked us across the island to visit grandparents without a DVD player and we were okay. At least I think we were. Then again, we were stretched out across the backseat and pretty mobile in the car since car seats were nonexistent and seat belts were not an issue. If we had seatbelts, I didn't know about it. My son is confined to his little car seat the whole way with straps tight across his chest and lap. So things change. Maybe a DVD player is not out of the question after all. We'll see.


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