Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Favourite Character in NL Writing

You still have a couple of weeks plus, to get in your vote for your favourite character in NL writing in Paul Butler's poll at his Word from the Edge forum. "Any medium for fiction--novel, short fiction, stage, radio, film--is included." Votes so far have been for:

  • Sheilagh Fielding from Wayne Johnston's The Colony of Unrequited Dreams (my choice)
  • David Purcell from Rare Birds by Ed Riche
  • Saul Stone from House of Hate by Percy Janes
  • Gordon Pinsent's "The Rowdyman"
  • Keith Kavanagh from Down to the Dirt by Joel Hynes
  • Moranna MacKenzie from An Audience of Chairs by Joan Clark
  • Sylvanus from Sylvanus Now by Donna Morrissey
  • Bobby O' Malley from The Story of Bobby O'Malley by Wayne Johnston
  • Ray Guy's Sylvester Codpiece Sr

So go to the forum and cast your vote (oh and put it in a comment here too so we can know who you're voting for).

**Updated to say: you don't need to register in order to post (I know--I administer the forum and delete much spam every day).


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