Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Joys of A Two Year Old

(Some of) The joys of being a two year old:

  • The ability to be completely content being pushed on a swing for extended periods of time (I was going to say for hours here but I have never pushed him for that long)

  • Discovering the pleasure of flying a kite

  • Not realizing that putting a penny in your piggy bank is not really as great as putting a toonie in there.

  • Having a piggy bank

  • Thinking that saying "that's okay, Mommy," actually makes it okay (I have chocolate all over me and the coffee table and mommy is looking pretty angry but "that's okay, Mommy" ahh, everything is good again)

  • The awful stories on the news are just background noises as you build towers out of blocks

  • Anything, anytime, anywhere can be a car: a Mercedes, VW Beetle, whatever your heart desires

  • Naps

(Some of) The joys of having a two year old:

  • Remembering how much fun it is to just swing in the park

  • Rediscovering the pleasure of flying a kite

  • Being excited about helping someone put a penny in a piggybank

  • Realizing how unimportant a little chocolate mess is when it is on the smiling face of someone telling you "that's okay"

  • Making the news background noise while you help a little person build a tower out of blocks

  • Having a Mercedes, even if it is only a pretend one, whenever, and wherever you want

  • Naps


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