Friday, March 16, 2007

The Vagina Monologues

No, it was not the hoohoo monologues, last night I saw The Vagina Monologues for the first time. It was spectacular. I was a bit iffy about going. I didn't know if a couple of hours of talking about vaginas would be entertaining. Boy, was it ever. I laughed and was moved and was very impressed with the four actresses who performed the show. Sheilagh Guy Murphy, Terri Andrews, Tessa Hutton Crosbie and Amy House seemed perfect for the task. They performed with zest and even though it was the Arts and Culture Centre with a big stage and large theatre, it seemed very cozy and like we were all part of this. Winks and nods and pointing and sometimes someone would break down laughing on stage or act particularly pleased with a reaction from the crowd and it was actually a very intimate evening.

This was an estrogen laden event. My friends and I suggested a little game where you get points for spotting a man in the theatre. They were a scarcity, but they were also helpful. At one point in the show, the audience was encouraged to shout out a synonym for the vagina (my least favourite word in the english language) and while the women weren't getting the volume up, one man yelled it out strong and long, leading to claps and laughs. There were a lot of those impromptu claps, where people were so impressed by a certain line we couldn't help showing some spontaneous appreciation.

There was only one drawback to the night. I am not sure if the warm, moist air in the theatre was supposed to be a symbolic representation of the vagina or not, but the theatre was stifling. Not much call for air conditioning in March in Newfoundland, I know, but it would have been welcome there last night.

The Vagina Monologues is funny, touching, uncomfortable at times, but most of all I think it was empowering in a lot of ways. I left feeling a greater appreciation for a body part that, as the performers pointed out, we rarely get to see ourselves and for a part that I don't think about too often to tell you the truth. I saw The Vagina Monologues last night for the first time, and I have a feeling it won't be the last.


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