Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Designer Superstar Challenge and Living NL

Well, at least Monday nights at 11:30 (NST) is free time for me now. Studio 60 is gone and now Ambrose Price is no longer on the Designer Superstar Challenge. I'm not into designing in any, way, shape or form so for me, Ambrose was the only bright spot in the show. He is a joy. As soon as he opened his mouth, it was so much fun. Just as I said at the beginning of the show, he has this great confidence with a smattering of insecurity. He was very impressive in some of the challenges and he made it to the top five. I think he should be very proud of himself. He said he may go to interior designing school and I think he should (since I'm so sure he cares what I think). He obviously has talent and a passion for designing so why not back it up with some formal education in the field.

And you can still see Ambrose from time to time on Krysta Rudofsky's show Living NL. As long as I brought it up I might as well blog about it because I've been meaning to. I have admired Krysta Rudofsky ever since she started her talk show on Rogers. I can't remember if it was called Out of the Fog then but I remember a leopard print couch was part of the original first few shows and I thought what a gutsy person she was to try something so different in this province. She went on to impress me on Out of the Fog, especially during political things like the various political debates (municipal and provincial) on Rogers. She was always very knowlegbable about the issues and didn't back down from pushing and asking tough questions. She never backed down from Andy Wells and always got her point across.

So when I heard she would have her own show on CBC, I was pleased. It is described as "a local guide to better living in Newfoundland and Labrador" and boy do I like it. It worked out perfectly because it comes on in the evenings in the time slot formerly taken up with Entertainment Tonight. I learn something different with every episode of Living NL. And while ET drones on about "she who will not be named", I'm enjoying finding out all kinds of new things I didn't know about what's available in the place I call home. If you've missed it or are wondering what it's all about, the most recent shows are always available online.

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