Monday, February 26, 2007

Marjorie Holmes

A guy from Victoria, BC, who calls himself lord marmalade, bought a suitcase at an auction. Contained in that suitcase was a reflection of the life of a woman, of her vacations, her friends, people and places she cared about. They were the photos and newspaper clippings collected by one woman over her life. That woman's name was Marjorie Holmes, a widow with no children. For 30 dollars, lord marmalade tells us, he became "the caretaker of all her memories". Lord marmalade has put some of these photos up on Flickr and you can see the story of her life, both in words and in pictures as he has posted what little he knows about her there as well.

Even though it seems sad that all the photos she took ended up in a suitcase being bought by a stranger for 30 dollars, I love that we can remember the life of this woman we never had a chance to meet and that she will not be forgotten. People all over the world can now see her photos and, being the world traveller that she was, I think maybe Marjorie Holmes would have been pleased by that.

(Did you think I was going to post about the Oscars? Up until nearly 2 in the morning our time to watch a movie I strongly disliked, win both Best Director and Best Movie. Blech.)


At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Helmut said...

Awww, who couldn't help being happy for Marty. He's brilliant, revolutionary and he's deserved an Oscar by now. I loved The Departed but was this the best director effort representin' last night? I don't know as I haven't seen a couple of the contenders.

As for the show, it was fairly boring per usual, but I don't think that's Ellen Degeneres' fault. I liked her bits. Her opening monologue and audience participation stuff was funny. And "Judi Dench is having knee surgery... on her eyes" cracked me up.

But I think the producers are running out of montage ideas. Dear Lord. And what was that opening bit?

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Tina Chaulk said...

You loved it? Wow, I am surprised. We usually have similar tastes in such things. I don't like mob movies anyway so it didn't have much of a chance with me. My husband though, loves mob movies but not so The Departed.

Ellen was funny but a lot of the other stuff is starting to seem desperate. Like human shadow puppets in the intermission. Oh my.

At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Helmut said...

I know, I too was surprised to read you disliked it! :-)

I'm aware of the contributions Scorsese has made to the industry, but I've never been so enthralled about one of his films since Good Fellas.

The script of The Departed was wonderful, the casting and acting was formidable, and the music, pace, editing and nouveau camera movements put me on the edge of my seat. Director gets the credit for all that.

(I do acknowledge there were some problems with the ending. Some may see that as a major complaint. It's not significant to me.)


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