Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Movies and Buskers

This past weekend I got one of those three (older) movies for seven evenings for $7 at Jumbo video. I got one for me, one for hubby and one for our son. They were Treasure Planet, The Transporter and Sideways. I'll leave you to figure out which one was for each person.

In review, Treasure Planet was an animated tale about a pirate ship in outer space, aliens, swashbuckling (space) pirates and robots. In other words, Nirvana for a two (closer to three) year old. The Transporter was...well, not really my cup of tea and I think if something is not my cup of tea, maybe I am not in the best position to critique it, so I'll say that my husband thought it was "okay" but he was a little disappointed. Sideways was a fabulous movie which I liked in so many ways. I now want to go to California, or better yet Australia where my favourite wines come from, for a serious and extended wine tour. I believe I would have no problem getting volunteers to go with me as a lot of my friends love the Australian Reds.

I also walked along Water Street Friday evening taking in some of the Busker Festival. My friend and I enjoyed the acts in varying degrees but really got a kick out of Ug, the Neanderthal Juggler. It was very different and funny.

Note: My parents are in town so posting this week will be less than usual.


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