Friday, September 22, 2006

Grey's Anatomy Arggghhh

Okay, so I watched the Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere tonight, the one I have been desperately waiting to see and... oh, yeah, no I didn't. I watched a new episode of the series and kept thinking I was missing something. I felt there was a huge gap in the storyline. At the beginning of the show, I thought maybe they would deal with it in flashbacks or something but it never happened. Then, at the end, when CTV stopped their stupid simulcast, I saw a preview of next week's show on ABC. Guess what? It was the show I had just watched!!! They showed next week's episode and did not show the premiere. It's the simulcasting. They screwed up. I watched ABC but got CTV and their stupid mistake. Even though this is CTV's mistake, it is still the simulcasting which is regularly screwed up. Like when they simulcast a completely different episode over the first half of the season finale of Rock Star: Supernova. I am fed up with this stuff. I feel a satellite purchase coming on. This is just ridiculous.


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