Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas parties and shopping

Phew. My last Christmas function is done. There were four to attend just this weekend. Well, Saturday night wasn't a Christmas function but a stagette. You know, the kind that leaves your head fuzzy the next morning and leaves pounding messages in your head. Still, I managed, with much coffee, to defuzz enough to attend the last Christmas function of the weekend. It was an open house my friends had so that was relaxed. Sam was fairly content there and I got to meet a few new people, mostly writers and talk a bit of shop.

I am very close to getting my Christmas shopping done. Hubby is on vacation this week, and is already gone out this morning to attend to his shopping. His shopping involves getting gifts for me from a list I have compiled (including what store and aisle such things are available). My shopping is, well, everything else. My list included a large, ruled moleskine but I got a great deal on ebay and just purchased a large and pocket ruled together as a package. With a most reasonable shipping rate, I think I got a great deal, Since it won't be here for Christmas, it can't really be a prezzy (at least that is my opinion). Some books are on my list as well: The Hour of Bad Decisions by Russell Wangersky and The Town that Forgot How to Breathe by Kenneth J Harvey, to name two.

Speaking of books, Chapters and Coles has a book called Seldom by Dawn Rae Downton on clearance for $4.99. I haven't read this book yet but everyone I know who has read it, loves it. It is set in outport Newfoundland and is based on the story of Downton's mother and the horrorific abuse her childhood home was filled with, as well as how tragic outport life could be in those days. Sounds like a fun Christmas read, doesn't it? Like I said, everyone I know who read it, has raved about it. The funny thing is that I haven't heard a peep about it in and around St. John's where I keep my ear to the ground about all things literary, yet, when I go out home, you can sit around a table and have almost everyone there say how much they loved the book. My husband read Percy Janes' House of Hate after reading Seldom. He said (about House of Hate's Saul Stone), "I don't see what's so bad about this guy. He's nothing compared to the guy in Seldom." The character of the wife (Downton's grandmother) is originally from Ladle Cove where hubby is from (and where you can throw a rock and hit Aspen Cove, where I am from) so I am sure that is some of the appeal--the familiar places and names. Anyway, I think it is a great chance to pick up an overlooked book at a great bargain so check it out (unless you are on my Christmas list, in which case Santa may be bringing it as part of your gift).


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