Sunday, December 03, 2006

Costco cancelled

So, if you were a person who went to Costco to get my book signed by me yesterday, I apologize that I was not there, even though it had nothing to do with me. It is true that I considered cancelling so I would not have to drive from CBS to the east end of St. John's in the freezing rain. But hey, I said I'd be there and I keep my promises. Then, after a morning of conversations with Michelle from Jesperson Publishing (my publisher) trying to decide whether or not I should cancel, I get one more call from her just as I am heading out the door for the signing. Turns out Costco St. John's cancelled the signing (and all signings until after Christmas, I believe) because they are just too busy for book signings. Costco had not informed us of this and, in fact, I would not have known at all if Michelle had not called Costco to ensure everything was set up for the signing. Someone from Costco then called Michelle back and said "didn't anyone tell you?" She called me and was happy she reached me before I got on the highway.

Me, angry? No. It is Christmas time and very busy at Costco and there was obviously a mix-up somewhere so, that is that. Now, if I had driven all that way in the freezing rain and then found out...


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