Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wii Recall Headlines

The problems with the straps on the Wii controllers (they break and since the controllers use motion-sensing technology and are moved like a tennis racket or a bowling ball during play, when they break, they fly off and often break something in the room or injure someone) is causing headaches for Nintendo but I am getting a great kick out of the headlines:

A Wii Bit of a Problem (The Edmonton Sun)

Wii Gets Out of Hand (Chicago Sun-Times)

Nintendo Wii-call, er, recall (Chicago Tribune)

For Wii Players, a Swing and an Unexpected Hit (The Washington Post)

A Wii Too Thin (The Mercury News)

Nintendo to replace not so magic wand (The Scotsman)

Wii Will replace faulty wriststraps, says Nintendo (The Times)

When game controllers attack (CNet News)

NZers should not be affected by the Wii-motes (Scoop Independent News)

For much, much more on this (and the problem of Wii injuries), visit

* A new addition from the MUSE online (not really about the recall, but I loved the headline): I Can't Stop Playing with my Wii


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