Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rabbittown Theatre needs your help

Over the past three years the Rabbitown Theatre has become a major part of the arts community. They have hosted fantastic events from both established and emerging artists. But running the theatre costs money and Aiden Flynn and his group of partners need your help with it. Although the theatre company has received some project funding, the building does not receive any operational support. This past week, the city issued a letter threatening to shut off their water due to back taxes owed. This at a time when the busy season is just starting.

Aiden says:
We are currently in arrears to the City of St. John’s for approximately $5500 and are scheduled to have our water services cut off in the next three weeks. Our current financial condition and ongoing maintenance costs will make it to impossible to meet this deadline without some quick help.

Today staff are at the Rabbittown Theatre to accept donations (suggesting $10). If you cannot make it today and would like to support this important part of our community, please send a donation along to:

The Rabbittown Theatre
106 Freshwater Rd.
St. John’s, NL
A1C 2N8

I can't make it there today but Aiden, the cheque is in the mail.


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