Monday, May 07, 2007

T.A. Loeffler is ascending downwards

T.A. Loeffler, has brought many of us along in her efforts to climb Mount Everest, through columns about her training, visits to schools to give inspiration to young people to climb their own Everests, and through posts about the climb on her website. Unfortunately, due to illness, she has made the difficult decision to stop the climb and begin her descent. That word, "descent" seems wrong to use about such a noble person forced to make a difficult decision due to no fault of her own. Maybe we'll say that she is ascending downwards.

Loeffler's goal has been to "inspire the young people of Newfoundland and Labrador". She wrote a letter to the youth of the province after she decided to stop and posted it on her website. In her decision to stop the climb she remains an inspiration, teaching all of us that the important thing is to try, to dream, and to give it our very best, whether we're learning how to read at 63 or taking off the training wheels at 5 or attempting to climb the world's highest mountain. You can, and should, read her updates about her journey. They are inspiring and moving and will make you want to try something new, exciting, and challenging.

Congratulations to T.A. Loeffler for making us proud, encouraging us to do our best, reminding us that sometimes we have to embrace the tough decisions we make, and for teaching us to dream big.


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