Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rose-coloured glasses

Sometimes the world is so full of sad things, on the news or a bit closer in old friends who have lost a beloved family member in the war, and you're just not sure about the world anymore. Last night, as I lay on my couch, trying to find a new way to swallow that didn't include using my infected tonsils, my son was lying on my chest. We were snuggling and watching a cartoon, something light to stay away from all the darkness on the TV. I saw him, out of the corner of my eye, lift up his head and stare at me. When I looked at him, he looked away and I said "why are you looking at Mommy like that?" He answered, without a pause, "because you're so wonderful" and didn't even smile afterward and ask for chocolate, just put his head down on me again. And I knew, even though there is much sadness, the world can be a pretty good place all the same and sometimes it just takes a three year old with rose-coloured glasses to remind you.


At 10:00 PM, Blogger Geoff Meeker said...

Way to go Tina. You just flashed a bit of light onto a dark corner of my day... thank you.

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Lori Savory said...


First, this friend thinks you're pretty wonderful for showing up for her reading even when you felt lousy. You're my hero!

The first time my daughter said I was beautiful when I was in my jammies, flour all over me, hair not even combed, I almost said "No I'm not, honey." But luckily, I stopped myself. She was giving me a gift, her vision of me as beautiful because of how she saw me, and I didn't want to take that from her. But even more than that, I wanted to give her the ability to understand we can all be beautiful, even without the makeup, the hairdo and the clothes. So many women end up fighting that battle when we're in our thirties and forties: Maybe I can save her that struggle.

Out of the mouths of more ways than one!


At 10:38 PM, Blogger The Ruff-Spots Team said...

Tina, I have 2 boys aged 4 and 5 and they are my life. 2 innocent little boys who can make me crazy, cry, laugh, foolish, and agitated but I wouldn't have any differently.

The world can be a nice place...sometimes.

At 8:56 AM, Blogger M Butler Hallett said...

Words like your son's are sparks of grace. Often too easy to miss. Thanks for posting that.


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