Monday, April 16, 2007

Shut Up and Sing

You know a movie is good when the audience claps at the end, even when there is no one in the theatre remotely related to the making of the movie. Well, that happened when I watched Shut Up and Sing last evening. Having just done a long post about freedom of speech, here I am at it again, although to a lesser extent. But make no mistake, this movie is about freedom of speech. It is also very much about creativity, family, friendship, and great music.

The movie is already out in DVD and I highly recommend you buy it (at the very least rent it, but buy it if you can). The screening of the movie at Empire Theatres yesterday was a fundraiser for The Independent Artists Cooperative and Rock Can Roll Records. The fundraiser was titled "Freedom of Speech is fine - so long you don't do it in public." That reminds me of one of the many funny parts of the movie where a man is talking about the Dixie Chicks and says something like Freedom of speech is good, as long as you don't do it outside the country. Brilliant statement, man.

This movie is funny, real, moving, and scary in so many ways. How so few words can be used against you, how speaking them can completely turn your life upside down.



At 11:21 AM, Blogger Robert said...

I saw it a couple of weeks ago and quite liked it. It was pretty wild to see how a simple, albeit offensive to some, off the cuff remark grew to become something entirely different and life altering.

I guess it came at a very sensitive time in American history and I know it's difficult for me to share the perspective of a US citizen but, I have to say, I don't really understand it. When there were so many important discussions to be having, why did the media and people it served spend so much energy deriding what one singer from one band said in one show?


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