Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Little About NL Writing

As a followup to my post about his nomination, I have to say congratulations to Kenneth J. Harvey for winning the 'Libro del Mare' for The Town That Forgot to Breathe. He is the first Canadian ever, to win this prestigious Italian literary prize.

And while I am discussing that, I'll mention another great NL writer. I have started rereading The Colony of Unrequieted Dreams by Wayne Johnston and I think I am loving it even more than I did the first time (a few years ago now). I am doing it in part so I can refresh my memory of my favourite character in NL writing: Shelagh Feilding. This is so I will be ready to read Johnston's soon to be released novel, The Custodian of Paradise, where he revisits Feilding and, according to what I have read about it, makes her the focus of this new novel. For those of you who love Feilding as I do, I might suggest a reread of Colony for you as well. Just a tasty appetizer about the lady before what will hopefully be a scrumptious main course in The Custodian of Paradise.


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