Monday, September 25, 2006

Why My English is Different Than Yours

One of my favourite non-Religious-Studies courses at Memorial University of Newfoundland was the study of the linguistics of Newfoundland (there was no Labrador on the name then). I think it was called Linguistics 2210. I love the different dialects: how some places call a dragonfly a horsefly or a horse-stinger; how what they call that insect is related to where the first settlers in their communities originally came from. It is all so interesting. If you find such things as linguistics and dialects interesting then you should check out the lecture "Why My English is Different Than Yours" by British sociologist Dr. Peter Trudgwill. The details are:

Why My English is Different Than Yours

Time: 8 p.m.-10 p.m. Location: Arts & Administration, A-1043
Description: Leading British sociolinguist Dr. Peter Trudgill will explore why English doesn’t sound the same wherever it’s spoken, and explain how language diverges to form unique dialects like the one spoken in this province. This public lecture is part of the Henrietta Harvey Distinguished Lecturer series. Parking is available in Lot 15 (off Russell Road). A reception will follow.



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