Saturday, October 21, 2006

Christmas at the Glacier Recap

Wow, great bit of fun at the Chistmas at the Glacier event last night. It started when I got there and there was a big line up to get in. I explained to the woman handing out flyers there, that I was there for a book signing, as Michelle at Jesperson had told me to do. The woman then took a walkie talkie and called someone to tell her that "Tina Chaulk is here for a book signing". Everyone turned around and looked as I was escorted past everyone else in line and brought out to the stadium area where John from Jesperson awaited to escort me the rest of the way. I felt like a real VIP.

Sold plenty of books and also had a few people tell their significant other they wanted this much is true for Christmas. Even met some people who had read it and really liked it. A few people had heard good things about the book and wanted to get it as a present for someone so it was a very positive evening. Good deal on books too as Jesperson/Breakwater have a discount tree. You choose an ornament off it and reveal a discount inside of from 10% to 50%. Plus there is no tax on the books. A good deal all around. So, if you've been wanting to purchase my book, for yourself or as a present, or any number of books from Jesperson/Breakwater, this weekend at Christmas at the Glacier is the perfect time to do it. Christmas at the Glacier continues until Sunday evening.


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