Saturday, October 07, 2006

Downhome Signing Recap

The signing at the Downhome store was great. Great store, nice staff, lovely manager, lots of books to sign. Just as exciting for me, was the fact that they ordered more of my dad's clothesline stops. These are unique and useful souvenirs. If you have ever hung out a line of clothes and had the wind pull the lot all the way to the end of the clothesline, tangling everything along the way, then you will appreciate a clothesline stop. Even if you have never encountered this problem, it is still a great souvenir and you can be sure no one will have one exactly like yours. Krista, at the Downhome store thinks they would make great stocking stuffers and I totally agree. So, if they sound interesting, check out the Downhome store on Water Street.

Signing at Costco today then Chapters tomorrow. Will fill you in later on how it goes (you know I will).


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