Thursday, September 28, 2006

Crossing my fingers about Grey's Anatomy

I know, I know, I should get a life but hey, I've been busy and a little R&R in front of the TV is a good thing in moderation. Just a reminder that CTV is supposed to show the real season premiere of Grey's Anatomy at 9:30 NL time tonight (9:00 in Labrador and 8:00 pm ET) after the SNAFU from last week. I say supposed because the schedule on their website says ER will be on then and also, our CTV is from ASN and they might not run it, for all I know. Of course, if ABC would let Canadians look at the episodes they have online, that would be good too but if your IP is from outside the US, it is a no go unless you want to do some IP spoofing and hide where you are from. See, I have a life. I haven't spoofed my IP to see the episode (yet). Anyway, fingers crossed that we'll get to see it tonight.


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