Friday, September 29, 2006

The Book Worm and Downhome Magazine

Another book signing has been added and I am excited to say I will be signing copies of this much is true at The Book Worm in Gander. This pleases me to no end because Gander is like home to me. It was and is the satellite town for those who live in Aspen Cove and Ladle Cove. It is where you go to get furniture, visit doctors and dentists, get prescriptions filled, get the groceries and dry goods not available in the local stores out home, etc. So, whenever we drive out to Aspen Cove, when we reach Gander there is a sigh of relief, a feeling that we are back home. I am really looking forward to going there to sign copies of my book which, I hear, are selling well there. I will be signing on November 10, at 2-4 pm.

Also, When you have a book about a Newfoundlander who moved away to Toronto to find work, which is for sale at Chapters and Coles stores across the country, it is hard to reach people who live outside the province. For me, I have tried to do this with my blog and my web page but I don't think the word is getting out too much. Then yesterday my mom emailed me to tell me that my cousin Kim, in Windsor, Ontario, who has a subscription to Downhome Magazine (previously the Downhomer), had read about my book in there. I hadn't gotten the new Downhome yet but hubby went out to buy the October edition and there was a nice, short review of my book there. Janice Stuckless says of Lisa Simms, the main character: "She has a kind heart, a quick wit and a fighting spirit". I love the last line of the review: "Readers will love Lisa Simms, a character who, when times are tough, squares her shoulders, tosses back her hair and says F--- it!" So, yay and a big thank you to Janice of Downhome Magazine!


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