Thursday, July 13, 2006

Meet the Greyhounds

Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada are holding a meet and greet on Saturday, July 22 at the Village Mall from 10-4 . My brother has two of them, Kelso and Maggie (Maggie is in the picture on the left). They have very different personalities but they are wonderful dogs. And they were rescued from an awful life. Both came with scars and Kelso was emaciated when they got him. He could not use stairs and was pretty scared a lot of the time. But he feels safer now and has a wonderful home. See him below and if you have been considering saving the life of a greyhound by giving one a home, take some time on Saturday to meet them and consider it again. But don't take it lightly. Like any dog, you cannot get one on a whim and hope it works out okay. You have to realize that you would be amongst the first people to give affection to the animal and you would not want to take it away because you hadn't thought it all through. The Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada can help you with your decision and will make sure you are ready before adopting.


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