Thursday, September 07, 2006

Nissan's Bonavista commercial

There is a part in my novel where Lisa meets a particularly ignorant woman from Ontario. She is surprised at Lisa's ability to speak English because when she sees Newfoundlanders on TV, there are subtitles underneath to explain what they are saying. This was set in 1985 and I had heard similar stories from people who lived on the mainland but, still, I wondered if maybe people would not "buy it" and would find it hard to believe that people could be that ignorant. Ladies and gentlement, I give you proof:

As Lisa says in the book, in reference to the woman, "Ignorance might be bliss but it was downright foolish most of the time."

Updated: check out the City Honda ad in response to Nissan's.

Via RJ, Cove Blogger, Laurie, John and Townie Bastard.


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