Sunday, October 22, 2006

Can you hear me now?

Getting home on Friday night from my book signing at the Glacier, I talked to hubby and told him how it went then sat down to drink my decaf cup of Tim's and watch some things I had taped. Hubby was happy at his Friday night perch of playing icky war video games with his buddies Mike and Heff, and other icky war video game players around the world. Suddenly, the calm of our house was broken when hubby announced the Internet was down. Frantic phone calls ensued and my hubby figured out that the Internet was down, not just ours since we have Aliant and Mike, whose connection was also kaput, has Rogers Internet. We had phone service so were not too concerned. Then the next morning, we heard that a fire had shut down not just our access to email, NL blogs and icky war video games, but had also stopped cell phone and land lines. Over 100,000 people were without access to the outside world. Scary stuff, when you consider people did not have access to 911. Apparently, ambulances were roaming the city, looking for anyone who might have an emergency and be looking for a meandering ambulance. Hospitals called in extra people but since the workers could not be reached by phone, security guards went to their homes and woke them from their sleep. This because of a small fire at an Aliant substation. Makes you wonder about what would happen if there was a big disaster. I thought that, after 9/11, everyone got into all this emergency preparedness stuff and got backup for backups so things like this could not happen. Guess not. This was just one night and one small fire. Can anyone say "wake up call"?

All reminds me of the new CBS show, Jericho, I am enjoying. It is about the aftermath of nuclear attacks and how no one in this small town can find out what is happening because they are cut off from the rest of the world. But I'm going to blog about that later when I do my review of the fall TV season soon.


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