Sunday, January 07, 2007

Those strident women

The monthly meeting of the strident women went off well today except that we missed Christine who is sick. Not the same without her but we managed to have a good time, starting at a low boil talking about weddings and stuff, then working up to some really cool literary gossip and nitty-gritty. I suggested we get to the nitty-gritty from the get-go next time. Perhaps one of us can have a juicy story to tell that will get our collective ire up and running. We all waited to hear about Lori's maunscript submission until she told us that she sent it out into the world. She did a great job of describing how that felt. I have my fingers crossed. If her manuscript is even half as interesting as she made the story sound, then I have no doubt that I'll be able to report good news about it here soon.

Also, on the theme of weddings, hubby and I went to one last night. Congrats to Paula and Pat. It was a beautiful wedding, a delicious supper (made more so by catching up with old friends from out home), and a fun dance afterward. My son stayed at his aunt's house all night and she cooked brunch for us when we came to pick him up around noon. Good deal, hey? Keep the boy all night, let us sleep in until 10:00, and then cook us brunch. Thank you, Kem. All in all, a great weekend for me.


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