Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Avalon Dragon Boating Team

Unfortunately, so many of us have been touched by breast cancer. As I type, I know two young people fighting the disease. Both are fighting terrible battles. A new organization in St. John's has been created to prove that people living with breast cancer can lead full. active, healthy lives. It will also promote the fact that exercise is an important part of fighting this disease, and of preventing lymphedema—a permanent swelling of the arm and chest area which can occur after breast cancer treatment. They will do it in a unique and powerful way: dragon boating.

Dragon boat racing is among the fastest growing team water sports. Participants build their own boat, in this case in partnership with the Marine Institute and under the guidance of Avalon Dragon Boating committee member and naval architect, Bruce Whitelaw. Dragon boats use twenty paddlers, one drummer and one steersperson so there will be people needed to build the boats and then to paddle them. Quite a committee has been formed to "steer" the team including former politician, and breast cancer survivor, Julie Bettney; well-known filmaker Gerry Rogers, who is also a breast cancer survivor; and someone who I know from my days working in Addictions Services (she actually hired me when I worked there), Donna Simms. Find out much more about the Avalon Dragon Boating Team at avalondragonboating.com.


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Rj said...

Cool. I didn't know about this. They have a cool website too.


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