Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ten Reasons Being Sick Sucks

10. Missing Oliver the Musical which my friend Ann Marie Lane was in, as well as a friend's nephew Ryan McDonald (aka the amazing Ryan).

9. Not fully enjoying a visit out home.

8. Causing my son to miss playgroup.

7. Causing my son to miss a movie with his friends.

6. Not being able to hear at a book signing in a wonderful bookstore in Gander, called The Book Worm so I found it hard to hear others while my own voice was amplified at rock concert level in my head, causing me to either speak too loudly or, more likely, speak too softly.

5. Still not being able to hear much after almost two weeks of flu stuff due to ongoing ear infections.

4. Mucous in all forms. Yuck.

3. Staying awake at night coughing.

2. Not being able to really enjoy my son's third birthday party or the birthday itself.

1. All the work, writing, volunteer stuff, housework, emails, phone calls, friend visits, workouts and the like that I have put off for the past couple of weeks and now have to face as a huge, overwhelming pile.


At 2:05 PM, Blogger Rj said...

Hope you're feeling better.


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