Monday, January 08, 2007

No more web design

It never fails. I tell hubby on New Year's Day that I have decided to give up the web design "business" and in the next few days receive multiple requests to design web pages, including from Michigan. Those silly gods of irony. (I am hereby declaring publicly that I will not accept any large offers from international publishers who want to publish this much is true in their country , I will accept no awards from any short fiction contests I enter, and will not be accepting any lottery money or dream homes that I may win).

I have declined the new business and taken down the web design portion of my web page. The reasons are many. First of all, was that I was getting no new business (ha). Then there is the fact that I have freelance work coming my way in technical writing and quality control. I also received a grant back in November to work on my next novel so that has to be a priority. Also, I am still procrastinating editing the next novel to be submitted to my publisher. All this plus the job of mother keeps me quite busy. Probably the biggest reason, though is that what I charge is just not worth the effort I put into it. When I started it, it was helpful to have the bit of extra money but I see now that it is not really worth it, especially if it gets in the way of the other things I am doing (for more money). I will finish a website I am designing for Michelle Butler Hallett, author of The shadow side of grace, and do her website maintenance but that is it. At least that is the plan. Never say never, right?


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