Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Little Mosque on the Prairie

So tonight I will be watching a new CBC show you have probably heard about called Little Mosque on the Prairie. The previews look funny but I hope it is not like a lot of previews that show you all the good parts of a television show or movie and then when you see it, there's a huge letdown because you have already seen the best parts.

This show is notable because it is about "a small Muslim community living side by side with the residents of a little prairie town"; it deals with stereotypes and prejudices on both sides, with humour; and it is getting huge buzz from around the world. Hollywood is taking note. News outlets all over the world from New York to Australia are talking about this CBC production. The crowd from Paula Zahn's show on CNN even visited the set of the show.

People are interested in seeing the interaction of cultures portrayed as not just something that is funny but maybe as something we can learn a bit about as well. Nothing is better than satire for showing how silly prejudice and preconception are and there is probably good reason that the groundbreaking All in the Family is being mentioned in reference to Little Mosque on the Prarie. Big shoes for the CBC sitcom to fill but, like All in the Family, Little Mosque on the Prarie (seems to be) about being able to laugh at our differences and our incorrect assumptions while making us realize that we are more alike than we a different. If the show can do that, and make me laugh, then bravo indeed. The big question, though, is will people be offended or amused? In this day of political correctness and rioting over cartoons, one can never be sure which way it will go.I'm interested in finding out.


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